Stock Stingray with a custom finish. It was covered in an fabric, and trimmed with a gold cord "binding".

A bit of history - Background - When introduced in 1976 by the original Music Man Company, the StingRay immediately became a universal favorite of bassists worldwide. The StingRay was the first production bass to feature active electronics and the trademarked 3+1 tuning key headstock configuration. Many refinements have been made, including a six-bolt neck attachment, contoured body, superior neck truss-rod system, improved bridge and quieter electronics.

1999. Sheryl Crow, enlisted the help of Ernie Ball Music Man to create two one of kind StingRay basses for her live performances.

Mike Lastikwa, aka Vegas, initially contacted Derek Brooks at Ernie Ball Music Man asking for a StingRay for Sheryl to demo during rehearsals for her up-coming tour. Sheryl immediately took to the StingRay's sound and playability and performed with it live at the 1999 Grammy's.

Sheryl later asked Music Man to 'push the envelope' with an idea she had for a custom finish. The requewith an idea she had for a custom finish. The request created some challenging sound, art, and wood demands for Dudley Gimpel, Music Man R & D, and staff artist Elisa Ahlin. The result are two StingRay basses upholstered with an antique "brothel motif" material accented with red and gold brocade.

Stingray Custom Bass
Live at Central Park, September 1999

SPECS (stock model)

Size 13-1/2" wide, 1-5/8" thick, 44-7/8" long
Weight 9 pounds 5 ounces - varies slightly


Wood Selected Hardwoods
Finish High gloss polyester
Colors See color chart
Bridge MusicMan® chrome plated, hardened steel bridge plate with stainless steel saddles
Optional - Piezo bridge available at an additional charge
Pickguards Black or white
Optional - Shell, black pearloid, white pearloid, and abalone available at an additional charge


Scale 34"
Radius 11"
Headstock Only 8-3/4" long
Optional - Matching painted headstock available at an additional charge
Frets 21 - high profile, wide
Width 1-5/8" at nut, 2-1/2" at last fret
Wood Selected Maple
Fingerboard Fretted - maple or rosewood
Fretless - pau ferro with or without inlaid fretlines
Finish Gunstock oil and hand-rubbed special wax blend
Tuners Schaller BM, with tapered string posts
Truss rod Adjustable - no component or string removal
Attachment 6 bolts - perfect alignment with no shifting


Sheilding Graphite acrylic resin coated body cavity and chrome plated brass control cover
Controls Standard - 2-band active preamp - volume, treble, and bass
Optional - 3-band active preamp - volume, treble, mid, and bass
Pickups MusicMan® humbucking

Left-hand model available


My Favorite Mistake - Crossroads Festival, 1999

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